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Books about Emotions

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A Hug for Humphrey

Steve Smallman, Tim Warnes (Illustrator)

Little Tiger Press

There was a new toy in the bedroom. He was small, soft and floppy and had a squidgy tummy covered in stripes. His name was Humphrey. No one is quite sure what sort of toy Humphrey is or what he can do. And, when the toys decide to help him find out, Humphrey has a big surprise.

A Hug for Humphrey - click to check price or order from Amazon.co.uk


Alexis Deacon

Red Fox

A lovely simple story that is both touching and humorous. It sensitively deals with Beegu's loneliness and rejection stranded on earth and shows rather nicely what the knee-high view of what life must be like for toddlers The illustrations are superb.

Beegu - click to check price or order from Amazon.co.uk

Beware of the Storybook Wolves

Lauren Child

Hodder Children's Books

This is one of those great books that appeals to children of different ages and grown ups. The story is about Herb who is scared of his fairytale book being left in his bedroom in case the characters come to life, but one night his mother forgets to take it with her……..
Great fun.

Beware of the Storybook Wolves - click to check price or order from Amazon.co.uk


Linda Jennings Basia Bogdanowicz (Illustrator)

Little Tiger Press

Dad has made Fred a special little door of his own called a cat flap, and Fred HATES it! Every time he tries to use it the flap whacks him on the nose, bumps him on the head, or sends him straight into the waiting claws of Horrible Harry, the cat from next door.
This book is a great starting point to explore and discuss different feelings with children.

Fred - click to check price or order from Amazon.co.uk

Grumpy Gertie

Sam Lloyd

Chrysalis Children's Books

A delightful new book by Sam Lloyd. Gertie wakes up in a grump and sets out to tell everyone about it. After making the cheerful sun, flowers and fish thoroughly miserable, she feels no better. But when a cheeky monkey teaches her that by turning upside-down she can turn her frown into a smile, she makes a new friend and realises that making people happy again is much more fun.

Grumpy Gertie - click to check price or order from Amazon.co.uk

How to Catch a Star

Oliver Jeffers

Harper Collins Children's Books

This is a magical book with delightful illustartions. One of those books that will be asked to be read over and over again.

How to Catch a Star - click to check price or order from Amazon.co.uk

I'm Special, I'm Me!

Ann Meek and Sarah Massini

Little Tiger Press

Winning story from the highly publicised Seach for a Story 2003 competition that attracted over 1600 entries from around the world.

Milo is fed up. He wants to play at being a pirate captain, but the other children say he’s too short, he must be a deck-hand. He’s too small to be a lion, and not handsome enough to be the prince. But Milo’s mum makes him see that the other roles can be even more fun.

I'm Special, I'm Me! - click to check price or order from Amazon.co.uk

Knuffle Bunny

Mo Willems

Walker Books

Knuffle Bunny is a picture book that we would highly recommend. Any child who has ever had a favourite toy will identify with the toddler in this tale. The plot is simple: Trixie loses bunny, finds bunny and then exuberantly says her first words-"Knuffle Bunny!!!" The fun comes from the details. In an innovative style that employs dappled black-and-white photographs of Brooklyn as backdrop to wickedly funny color cartoons.

Knuffle Bunny - click to check price or order from Amazon.co.uk