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Hue Boy

Rita Phillips Mitchell, Caroline Binch (Illustrator)

Puffin Books

Winner of the Smarties Prize (0-5 category)

Hue Boy is the smallest boy in his Caribbean village. Every day his mother measures him, but he doesn't seem to grow. Everyone has ideas about how to help him to grow, from bathing in herbs to eating pumpkin soup. A lovely story.

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The Rescue Party

Nick Butterworth

Picture Lions

Today is Percy the Park Keepers day off and he is enjoying sitting doing nothing in the sun. But his peace is disturbed when a little rabbit falls down a well.
Another lovely Percy tale.

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Where's My Teddy?

Jez Alborough

Where's My Teddy? - ISBN not known - unable to check prices

Who Sank the Boat?

Pamela Allen

Puffin Books

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