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Books about Christmas

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A Message for Santa

Hiawyn Oram Tony Ross (Illustrator)

Picture Lions

This is a lovely story that explores the idea that not all children are happy about Santa coming into their house to deliver presents. With Mum's help Emily writes a note for Santa asking him to come in the back door but only as far as the kitchen table. With illustrations by Tony Ross this book is sure to be loved by all children.

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An Angel Just Like Me

A warm and lovely story about a little boy longing for an angel that looks like him.

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Angel Mae

Shirley Hughes

Walker Books

Christmas is coming, and Mae Morgan's mother is expecting a baby. At school, Mae is delighted to be given the part of the Angel Gabriel in the nativity play. But will the new baby steal her glory?

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Sandra Ann Horn Sophie Fatus (Illustrator)

Barefoot Books

This is a lovely picture book about Babushka who while travelling gives her gifts for the Christ child away and thinks she has nothing left to give the baby. With child friendly illustrations this story is told in a humourous and moving way making it very appealing.

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Cat on the Hill

Michael Foreman

Andersen Press Ltd

For a stray cat in St Ives winter can be a cold, lonely and hungry time. Appetizing smells from the village drift up the hill, enticing him to risk the notice of the fierce village cats. And come Christmas, who will remember the cat on the hill?
The beautiful illustartions in this book make it a great choice not only at Christmas time.

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Christmas Poems

Jill Bennett Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

Oxford University Press

This is a delightful poetry book, illustrated in colour throughout by award-winning artist Nick Sharratt. The poems are just right for this age bracket with themes such as wishing for snow, putting up decorations, peeking at your Christmas stocking, delivering presents by rocket ship and of course baby Jesus. Poets include Tony Mitton, Julia Donaldson, Hiawyn Oram, and Judith Nicholls.

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Dear Father Christmas

Alan Durant


It is December and Holly sees a man who looks like Father Christmas. So she writes to Father Christmas to find out if it is really him. They become festive pen pals and Holly learns about the magic of elves, reindeer and life in Lapland, as well as getting a very special Christmas surprise. This is a lovely book with lots of added features.

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Give Him My Heart

Debi Gliori


With the use of beautiful illustrations, Debi Gliori takes a simple poem by Christina Rossetti and makes a warm story which gives a touching reminder of the true meaning of Christmas

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