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Books about Growing Up

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Amazing Grace

Mary Hoffman

Frances Lincoln

Grace loves any kind of story and she loves most of all to act them out. However when she wants to play Peter Pan in the school play, she needs a little support from her mother and grandmother.
This book is worth looking at for the illustrations alone, which show Grace's character beautifully.

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Ants in My Pants

Wendy Mould

Andersen Press Ltd

This is a book that will appeal to both adults and children. Jacob is happily playing in his pyjamas, but his mother wants to go shopping, so he must get dressed. But he can't get dressed: there are ants in his pants (they tickle!), and geese in his fleece (the feathers made him sneeze!), and- what else? It's funny how quickly it can all be solved when Mum spots snow on the ground!

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Alexis Deacon

Red Fox

A lovely simple story that is both touching and humorous. It sensitively deals with Beegu's loneliness and rejection stranded on earth and shows rather nicely what the knee-high view of what life must be like for toddlers The illustrations are superb.

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Clarice Bean, That's Me!

Lauren Child

Orchard Books

Lauren Child's Smarties Prize shortlisted title will have children and adults alike returning time and time again to the Bean household to bask in the heartwarming glow of an intelligent, funny and honest take on family life.

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Bernard Ashley Derek Brakell (Illustrator)

Picture Lions

Ling Sung doesn't like school. The other children can do things he can't. At biscuit time however Ling Sung does something amazing using two paintbrushes as chopsticks to pick up the biscuits.

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Cowboy Baby

Sue Heap

Walker Books

Winner of the Smarties prize in 1998.

Sheriff Pa says it's bedtime. But Cowboy Baby won't go to bed without his gang of Wild West character toys. When he finds them he decides he doesn't want to go home. He hides with his gang behind a cactus. Then Sheriff Pa lassos a star, makes Cowboy Baby his deputy and tucks them all in bed.

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Daddy Island

Philip Wells, Nicky Daly (illustrator)

Barefoot Books

Showing the love between a parent and a child this lovely book written in verse is sure to become a favourite.

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Daddy's Lullaby

Tony Bradbury


A lovely gentle story about a father who comes home late from work to find everyone asleep except the baby. The delightful illustrations show the father's gentleness as he walks the house with his baby.

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