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Cat on the Hill

Michael Foreman

Andersen Press Ltd

For a stray cat in St Ives winter can be a cold, lonely and hungry time. Appetizing smells from the village drift up the hill, enticing him to risk the notice of the fierce village cats. And come Christmas, who will remember the cat on the hill?
The beautiful illustartions in this book make it a great choice not only at Christmas time.

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Four Black Puppies

Sally Grindley

Walker Books

Four Black Puppies - click to check price or order from


Linda Jennings Basia Bogdanowicz (Illustrator)

Little Tiger Press

Dad has made Fred a special little door of his own called a cat flap, and Fred HATES it! Every time he tries to use it the flap whacks him on the nose, bumps him on the head, or sends him straight into the waiting claws of Horrible Harry, the cat from next door.
This book is a great starting point to explore and discuss different feelings with children.

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Joe's Dog

Angela Joy Nicola Slater (Illustrator)

Little Tiger Press

Joe wants a dog - but not just any dog. He's not interested in a big, shaggy, baggy dog, a tiny, hairy, wary dog, a knobbly dog, a wobbly dog, or a dinky, slinky, blinky dog...Joe has already seen the dog he wants, and when he finally tracks him down, it is easy to see why…
Children will love this book!

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Kitten's First Full Moon

Kevin Henkes

Greenwillow Books

Winner of the 2005 Caldecott Medal this simply but beautifully illustrated book is a real treat.
It is Kitten's first full moon, and when she sees it she thinks it is a bowl of milk in the sky. And she wants it. Does she get it? Well, no...and yes. What a night!

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One Bear at Bedtime

Mick Inkpen

Hodder Children's Books

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Poppy Cat's Farm

Lara Jones

Campbell Books

Winner of the 2005 Book Trusts Early Years Awards, Baby Book Award.

"Poppy Cat, Poppy Cat, on the farm. Who says 'moo' in the barn?" Poppy Cat is visiting the farm, and there are lots of things to do and see! Little ones will love joining in with the animal noises and peeking through the die-cut holes on every page to see what's next.

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Six Dinner Sid

Inga Moore

MacDonald Young Books

Sid lives an idyllic life with six different owners, each thinking he is their cat, until the day the truth emerges.

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