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Books about Animals

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A Lion at Bedtime

Debi Gliori

A little boy has fun when a lion comes to visit.

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Alligator Alphabet

Stella Blackstone Stephanie Bauer (Illustrator)

Barefoot Books

This beautifully illustrated book takes an unusual approach to the A-Z. With a parade of exotic and familiar creatures and their babies, to help children learn the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. Alligator Alphabet will be an instant favourite with parents and young readers.

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Augustus and his Smile

Catherine Rayner

Little Tiger Press

Augustus the tiger was sad. He had lost his smile. So he did a huge tigery stretch, and set off to find it. A beautifuuly illustrated book that will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

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Beware of the Storybook Wolves

Lauren Child

Hodder Children's Books

This is one of those great books that appeals to children of different ages and grown ups. The story is about Herb who is scared of his fairytale book being left in his bedroom in case the characters come to life, but one night his mother forgets to take it with her……..
Great fun.

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Big Pig on a dig

Phil Roxbee Cox, Stephen Cartwright (Illustrator)

Usborne Publishing Ltd

This book, along with others in the series, concentrates on the phonics aspect of the make up of words. It's great to share and for first readers.

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Biscuit Bear

Mini Grey

Red Fox

Winner of the 2004 Smarties Book Prize

When Horace bakes a biscuit in the shape of a bear, little does he know that his edible treat is going to turn into Biscuit Bear! For in the middle of the night, when all is quiet, that is exactly what happens, and Biscuit Bear decides that it is time he made some friends of his own. So, with flour, sugar and butter he does just that. In fact, he makes a whole circus of friends and the fun begins . .

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Can You See the Red Balloon?

Stella Blackstone, Debbie Harter (Illustrator)

Barefoot Books

Follow the adventures of Florence the black-and-white cow as she frolics through all sorts of unusual settings and discovers the wonderful world of colour around her.
A lovely book to help children learn their colours.

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Catherine and the Lion

Clare Jarrett


Winner of BFC Mother Goose Awards 1997

Catherine and the Lion soon become friends after Catherine wakes up to find him in her bed one morning.

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