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Books about Autumn

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Lin Yin's Lantern

Brenda Williams

Barefoot Books

Lin Yi is given money to buy items at the market for tonight's Moon Festival. If he bargains well, he can purchase a red rabbit lantern for himself. But he must purchase everything on his mother's list first! A lovely story that will appealto both children and adults, as they learn about the wonderful Chinese Moon Festival and the rewards that come from putting others first.

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One farm

Benedict Blathwayt

Red Fox

A lovely counting book based around a farm and the changing seasons. The detail in the illustrations ensures that this will be a book that will be looked at again and again. Great book to share on a one-to-one basis or in a small group.

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Ragnhild Scamell, Illustrated by Michael Terry

Little Tiger Press

The illustrations alone make this book a real winner with young children.
Hedgehog has just finished building a cosy nest for winter when...ouch!...a juicy red apple falls from a tree and sticks in the spines on her back! And now Hedgehog can't fit into her nest. She is helped by Pig and Frog in a lovely story.

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Pumpkin Soup

Helen Cooper

Winner of the Kate Greenaway Prize 1999

Three friends, Duck, Cat and Squirrel, make pumpkin soup together every day in the old white cabin. They always make it the in the same way until the day when Duck wants to be Head Cook.

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Seasonal Displays

Georgie Beasley & Ann Moberley


SEASONAL DISPLAYS will provide lots of lively interactive display ideas covering the themes of: The Four Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The learning objectives of the displays will help young children to learn about the many different features of the seasons and will include making a birthday chart, creating a summer fete display, looking at Autumn leaves and producing a frosty weather display.

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Thanking the Moon

Grace Lin

Knopf Books for Young Readers

This simple, young, and satisfying story follows a Chinese American family as they celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Each member of the family lends a hand as they prepare a moonlit picnic with mooncakes, pomelos, cups of tea, and colorful lanterns. And everyone sends thanks and a secret wish up to the moon.
A lovely introduction to this festival for early years children.

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The Gigantic Turnip

Aleksei Tolstoy, Niamh Sharkey (Illustrator)

Barefoot Books

This has always been a favourite story, but with its beautiful illustrations, this new version is a real treat. Great for all young children.

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The Prickly Hedgehog

Mark Ezra

Magi Publications

When the little hedgehog gets left behind on his first day out he becomes aware of the world around him in this autumn story.

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