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Charm a snake or fly a kite

To show how magnetic forces work by making the snake or kite rise up.

You will need

Paper to make spiral snake or kite

Thread (long enough to pull up with the snake/kite)

Paper clips


Small amount of Blue Tac

  • Make either a spiral snake or kite with a tail out of paper.
  • Attach a length of thread to the tail of the snake or kite and then using a small blob of blue tack attach it to the table.
  • Attach the other end of the thread to a paper clip and then fasten the paper clip to the
    snakes’ head or kite top.
  • Hold a magnet above the snake or kite and hopefully they will rise up as the magnet is lifted.
  • Discuss with the children why the magnet made the snake/kite rise.


magnetic snake and kite