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Favourite Craft Ideas - Mother's and Father's Day

Some activities below have worksheets that you can see by clicking on the worksheet icon: Worksheet.

To get the best results when printing worksheets, make sure your left and right margins are set to no more than 10mm (use File, Page Set up to adjust this).


Mothers Day Hyacinth CardFinished hyacinth card

You will need:

White card
Blue, pink or yellow finger paints to print the flowers
Green card
Coloured card for the bowl


The card on the right shows a blue hyacinth flower, but a pink or yellow one could be printed instead.


From the white card cut out a double bowl shape as shown and fold down the centre, to form the base of the card.
For the flower cut out a lollipop shape again as shown. The bottom section will be glued onto the front of the white bowl.

From the green card cut three or four leaves and cut a single bowl shape from your chosen coloured card to form the bowl that will appear on the front of the card.

gluing the hyacinth & leaves onto the cardUsing one finger tip and either the blue, pink or yellow paint, print the top of the lollipop shape to produce the hyacinth. To give the flower more depth add a little white to your chosen colour and print a few finger prints on top of the deeper colour.

When the flower is dry, glue the back of the bottom section of the hyacinth onto the front of the white bowl, and add some leaves as shown right.

Then glue your coloured bowl on top to cover the bottom of the leaves and the flower.

Width of the bowl 5cm
(double bowl as shown width 10cm)
Depth of bowl 5cm.

hyacinth card bowl


hyacinth card cutout

Flower bookmarkfingerprint flower

You will need:

White or pale coloured card
A selection of finger paints to print the flowers
Hole punch
Thin coloured cord to make a small tassel


Cut a rectangle 15cm x 5cm out of the card and taper one end as shown.

Choose a colour paint for the flower and with one finger print five petals in a circle leaving room to print a centre in a contrasting colour as shown. Print several flowers down the card in the same way using the same or different colours. It is best to print the petals first and when they have dried a little add the centre to get a clearer print.

When the row of flowers are complete and dry, punch a hole at the point at the bottom of the bookmark and make a tassle out of the cord.


If you have access to a laminator the bookmarks can be laminated to make them more durable. This obviously needs to be done before you punch the hole. Once laminated trim round leaving a small overlap so that the bookmark is completely sealed and finish off as above.


Mother's Day Gift Mothers Day gift

You will need:

A card tube, kitchen roll size
Coloured card for the petals
Green card for base and leaves
A small piece of white card for tag
A wrapped chocolate egg (Galaxy or similar) for the centre of the flower
Small amount of yellow tissue.

Cut a slice off the card tube about 3-4 cm long and then cut a strip of green card the same width and long enough to cover the outside of the tube. From the green card you will also need to cut 2 leaves and a 2cm strip 6cm long which will be glued inside the tube to act as a sling for the egg, as it is unlikely to be a tight fit.

Using the chosen coloured card cut out six petals as shown opposite.

First glue the sling into place, trying the egg to see if it fits at about the correct height. Now cover the outside of the tube with the green strip and glue in place. Bend the petals at the bottom so that you can glue the square tabs to the inside of the tube with the petals facing outwards. Add the two leaves by gluing them to the outside of the tube, wherever you feel they look best.

Pop the egg into the middle; if it rocks around, a little tissue paper may hold it in position.

Finally add the tag.







Mothers Day gift

Mothers Day Basket Card

For Mother's Day, or Easter, here is a card in the shape of a basket to which you can add a posy of flowers. Worksheet

Mothers day card


fathers day cardFathers Day Card

You will need:

Blue card for the sea
Coloured card for the boat
Brown or white card for the mast
White and blue paint

Using the blue card cut a rectangle 15cm x 8cm and then cut wave shapes along the edge of one of the longer sides as shown, this forms the sea. The children can fingerprint more waves on the card using the blue and white paint.

From your chosen coloured card cut out the boat sections and a piece 10cm x 1.5cm from either white or brown card for the mast. Glue the boat parts onto the mast, trimming the top to fit the top of the sails. Then glue the boat onto the sea, make sure the bottom of the boat is fully on the sea or the card may end up top heavy. A few dabs of white paint can be added around the boat to make it look as though its going through the waves.

To make the card base cut a piece of blue card 15cm x 15cm and fold in half. Glue the sea with the boat already attached onto the card base.




fathers day card