About this website

The Early Years Experience website is intended to provide free help and ideas to all those involved with young children, including parents and educators in Playgroups, Nurseries or Schools.

Inspired by the difficulty of finding concise, relevant information for young children, we have provided all the information we have created and collected over a number of years in support of Jayne's Playgroup in South Devon. One of the great features of the Web is the huge volume of information that you can find. Unfortunately, this often turns out to be in way too much detail for children or busy educators and parents, so we have condensed it into a more digestible form. We hope you agree.

All the artwork was provided by Jayne, from original watercolours. You are free to use any of the artwork or information you find on this website, as long as it's for non-profit purposes. If you use it elsewhere, please acknowledge its origins by mentioning www.BigEyedOwl.co.uk. If you would like to use any of the artwork or content for commercial gain, then please contact us to discuss.


Please take a look around -  and let us know what you think.


Jayne and Martin Jones

Devon, UK